The Sad News Of Chinatown Fair Arcade

Chinatown Fair, the famed NYC arcade and one of the last of its kind still in the city, is shutting its doors for good very soon. Arturo Sanchez, a Chinatown Fair regular, spoke with arcade manager Henry Cen, who said that CF “lost it’s lease after decades of being in business” and will be closing on the 23rd of Feb. However, the Chinatown Fair  manager Valentino, explained the whole thing was a big giant rumor: “people have been saying that we’ve been closing down for five or six years”.

Chinatown Fair which has been open since at least the 1950′s, was located on Mott Street, in an understated storefront with a “strange purplish light spilling out onto the street”. Inside, there are tons of vintage and new arcade games, costing no more than a couple quarters each. So from what people are saying, the arcade is moving to a new location site. Soon as the news is spoken about we will let you know more on the Chinatown Fair Arcade.

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